Revision Insurance


Revision Insurance

Following surgical procedures, there is a risk that there may be complications,

these may be no fault of the surgeon and their team (medical malpractice) nor are they the fault of the patient.

However, revision surgery is necessary to resolve the complication. Who pays for revision surgery?

If the patient is responsible for the costs of revision procedures, this may lead to

the patient declining the procedure altogether. Word of mouth could mean that his 1 lost customer equates to many more.

If the surgeon, clinic or hospital is responsible for the cost of their revision procedures, then they may see their profit margins drastically reduced.

The Solution…

Sure Insurance Services have worked alongside their many clients to deliver bespoke insurances.

Many revision insurances have been created and put in place with surgeons, clinic and hospitals, not only in the UK but around the world.

Small pre-paid premiums off-set the large and unexpected costs of revision procedures. Revision insurance enhances the relationship with the patient providing peace of mind that they will not need to pay large secondary fees in the event of a revision.